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Fieldview from Cognivix is a new generation pick and place system for industrial robots. It applies vision algorithms based on deep learning to achieve precision handling in uncontrolled environments that include variations in lighting and background. Our methodology for automating the acquisition of objects and learning means that the transition from design to production can be achieved in a few hours, without requiring any AI skills.

Fieldview is particularly suited to industries with a high product mix and small volumes, or where traditional handling techniques with pneumatic grippers are not applicable.

We work with FANUC and with system integrators in Italy and Germany to bring a product to market that extends automation options to more companies, potentially enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies, producing locally with lower costs and higher quality.

Fieldview also implements a patented automatic data acquisition and labelling technology, simplifying the robot training process for managing new tasks. This feature is particularly useful for small-scale production, making the system accessible to non-specialized personnel.




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