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Through the creation of its app, Utopic aims to promote the Italian artistic heritage, making it easier to discover and explore it.

The Utopic app is a thematic social network that lets you find out some topics of interest that are close to you, without having to search for them. Stories, anecdotes and intriguing facts which allow local people to have a look at familiar places with new eyes, raising their interest and their sense of belonging, and attracting and fascinating tourists. A flag on the map identifies the location of each Point of Interest (POI): a brief description, suitable for use on mobile devices, highlights its features; practical information is given such as accessibility, visiting hours, etc.; further insights and audio guides enable an appreciation of every single aspect; the itineraries connect different points of interest to one another, creating a visit experience.

Through their profile, users have a map that is always tailored to their interests, and may create itineraries, share them with other users, and also participate in the preservation of culture and historical heritage by providing contents and insights.

Beside being a cultural social network that makes it possible to discover and explore  the history of places, Utopic also organizes artistic heritage treasure hunts. The Team Leader and CEO of the company is Paolo Macchiagodena, an entrepreneur from Bologna, who graduated with honours in Business Administration at the Bocconi University in Milan.




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