Zeprojects (BO)

Zeprojects is an innovative female startup founded in Bologna in 2019 from the passion for innovation applied to architecture and design of the founders, Francesca di Giacomo and Silvia Motori. This is the only hub in Italy to offer an architectural design service integrating IoT technologies, AI, and highly innovative materials, all aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals, which is the primary goal of all our work.

Hospitality Re-sign S.r.l. (RA)

Hospitality Re-sign is an innovative start-up founded for the qualitative regeneration of tourist services in sustainable terms.

Starting from an analysis of existing tourist facilities, those in disuse, and buildings potentially usable for tourism, Re-sign proposes registration on a three quality level hospitality portal.

The core concept is an ad hoc certified restyling in an integrated, innovative, and certified "network" system.

Vela e Legno (RA)

Vela e Legno is a company project designed to combine the opportunities offered by new technologies with the experience and skills passed down through the generations in wooden boat design.

Vela e Legno was founded in 2013 as a result of Andrea Foschini's passion for the sea, boats, and wood.

These 3 ingredients are combined into a project already well advanced and offering the following possibilities:

Argi Tech s.r.l. (BO)

Argi Tech make and sell premixed clay-based plaster, along with natural and recycled products for bio-architecture.
Our main innovation is the product, "Argi Lite Bio Thermal Plaster".

This is an indoor thermal plaster based on clay, organically cultivated hemp, recycled cellulose, and recycled cellulose flock. Our other products are:


bimO open innovation is the first innovative startup in the field of architecture, engineering and building to transform the breakthrough effect of BIM digital innovation - Building Information Modelling - into a competitive advantage.

Monitor the Planet (RA)

The innovative startup Monitor the Planet® based in the Ravenna area was born in 2018 and offers surveying and mapping services with the best technological instruments in the world including total stations, 3D laser scanners, drones, etc.

Monitor the Planet has soon expanded to North Italy
by opening in Asti and Treviso. We grew to 150 customers and became a benchmark for Italy, with over 300 projects for surveying and mapping services with innovative technologies.

la banca della calce (BO)

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The Banca della Calce (Lime Bank) offers materials and services for sustainable architecture and architectural restoration. It is a reference supplier for private citizens, technicians, and companies that strive to use healthy ecological building materials. We offer high quality lime and certified derivative products manufactured in Italy. We are based in Bologna but operate all over the country and abroad.