CShark s.r.l. (PC)

CShark S.r.l. was founded in 2018 by Alessandro Fanni in order to create IT solutions at all levels.

CShark consists in a team of experts in the field of Information Technology, always available to customers to offer a wide range of services and products in order to handle different issues. We are able to create IT solutions thanks to our internal resources and national and international partnerships.

DNAPhone (PR)

DNAPhone creates optoelectronic devices for portable diagnostics that are capable of quick, simple analysis, integrating with widely used devices such as tablets or smartphones.

We Do Electronics (BO)

We Do Electronics, a company that designs and produces circuit boards and software, was founded in 2012 after the long working association of its members.

Since the early months of its operation, the company has developed electronic projects in the food & beverage sector, designing and marketing circuit boards to an Italian world leader in coffee and ice cream machines manufacture. This mutually beneficial collaboration continues to this day.

The company then decided to invest in new projects and to collaborate with other startups. Resulting products include: