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Smart Specialisation Strategy
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Voyamee S.r.l. is a Tour Operator specialized in wellness trips. Shortly it will become as well a health marketplace (both at home and abroad) for the dropshipping of food supplements.

Voyamee has patented an algorithm on their website (www.voyamee.com) to identify physical or psychophysical discomforts. The algorithm indicates in a fremium version which healthy habits you should take and identifies a personalised wellness offer that includes a trip with concrete services designed to mitigate and prevent your discomforts.

Together with specialised doctors, we develop prevention and treatment programs to offer users all the necessary tools to optimally improve their health and well-being.

The team consists of:

  • Ana Laura Ramirez - CEO, administration & Business development. Technical director of a travel agency, Spa Manager, Beautician. Since 2003 she works in the wellness and travel sector to create the best synergy between the two sectors.
  • Enzo Ventura - PDM, expert in Quality Management System Implementation (process identification, elaboration of procedures and work instructions) in large organizations. Team Auditor member in the aeronautics sector.
  • Leandro De Aguiar - CTO, expert in e-commerce. Since 1998 he has brought large and small businesses online. Founder of ComCart.it, expert in strategic technology and business development. Since 1998 he has taken large and small enterprises to the online world.
  • Paolo Franceschini. Co-founder of ComCart.it. Experience in the administrative, executive and entrepreneurial fields in the mechanical and food sector.

Voyamee S.r.l. benefits from a loan of € 25,000 MCC, provided by Banca Etica.


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