Innovazione Sociale


Respyra is a device purposely designed for eliminating viruses and bacteria from the air, while it is also effective for eliminating dust, odours, mould, fungi, and pollen.

Thanks to an innovative photocatalytic purification system it can decontaminate indoor air of all pathogenic agents and pollutants through an oxidization process at ambient temperature using the oxygen present in the air and with light produced by specific UV lamps.

Curiamo (RA)

Curiamo is a mobile app that brings a medical professional directly to you 24 h a day.

Curiamo aims to be a reference point for all the people who need to book a home medical visit for themselves or for a family member with just a few clicks, while providing a complete review of the professional's profile and treatment quality.

Pop & Smart s.r.l. (MO)

POP & SMART srl was founded in 2018 thanks to the multidsciplinary skills of various professionals with the goal to support technological innovation for companies, their products and services.

It's part of the Climate-KIC Startup Accelerator with the project called "EnShare - Enjoy Sharing" dedicated to the collection and reuse of food waste and other surpluses, in a way that grants incentives for small-medium businesses. s.r.l.s. (RN)

Business consultancy company.

We have an ideal, a mission, a reason for existing: grow our customers' business by increasing their awareness of how much digitalization can really help them. establishes the current knowledge of the company and its customers through an in-depth analysis of their business model. This is achieved in workshops that last on average from 3 to 4 days, bringing together all the people that normally make decisions inside their own sections.

Casa Gioia (RE)

We are a technological start-up cooperative in Reggio Emilia and we support people with cognitive disabilities and autism.

We apply innovation from our research to create an environment and educational methodology that promotes the identity and autonomy of users. We take the physical, psychic, and social aspects of all users into account as well as the desires and needs of families.

emmeBo s.r.l. (BO)

EmmeBo is a company offering family friendly products and services.

Based on the idea of two female businesswomen from Bologna, the company finished among the top 10 finalists in the StartCup Emilia Romagna in 2018, and was awarded the Manageritalia Emilia Romagna prize for a product dedicated to families.

Needo (MO)

NEEDO is an on-demand nursery school that can be set up anywhere for any period of time in response to the needs of families, companies, or small communities. The aim is to help reconcile home and work schedules and female employment.

It is an educational service that puts together a complete package of services: an enclosed space (making use of regenerated marine containers from a circular-economy perspective), a sustainable approach, educational design, trained and qualified teachers, canteen, and all services.