made in Italy


SEED is an ethical streetwear clothing business

Our mission is to contribute to healing the world by offering stilish and high quality products to responsible people...who also have great taste. Our style is functional and minimalist, designed for those who live in the city and have an intense everyday pace, for those who strive to reach their potential overcoming their limits and aware of their strengths. It's for dynamic people who know the present and look at the future with hope and trust.

Efesti (BO)

Efesti is a forge in which particular materials are curated. Ideas, images, stories, values and people: elements that all companies and all realities we support combine in different ways.

Our job is to take these materials and create something unique with them, something that can perfectly adapt to our clients' requests, something that doesn't only satisfy immediate needs but can also offer a long-term benefit, a real and tangible value for all.