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Neurality has realized an SaaS for analysing images and video applying artificial intelligence techniques with the aim of extracting crucial information for the businesses in which they are used.

After successful applications in the medical world, the Neurality methods are expanding to other markets, including industry and agri-food.

Our customers can request our services through our SaaS, or for specific applications that cannot tolerate even the latency time of Internet, with on-site installation at the analysis site.

Our methods are trained using data provided directly by the customer (or acquired externally), thus learning directly from the best technicians.

Our collaboration method involves an initial meeting to analyse the problem and the customer's needs. This enables the drafting of a quotation for the work which, if accepted, can develop in 2 ways:

  1. If Neurality or the customer are already in possession of the data required for the analysis, then only a few months are required to deliver the required solution;
  2. if it is necessary to collect and annotate the data for training our system, then the delivery time is longer.



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