E-HUB is an incubator for start-ups operating in the hi-tech sector (electronics and software) that allows innovators t

BULLTEC s.r.l.s. (FC)

Bulltec doesigns and builds electric sorting machinery for potatoes, onions and other vegetables.

Our equipment is innovative, accurate and versatile, with limited costs and very low maintanance needed.

The electric sorting machinery by Bulltec are equipped with an intuitive management software and an extremely accurate optical sorting system that allows for a rapid selection of potatoes, onions and other vegetables - even if of irregular shapes.

We Do Electronics (BO)

We Do Electronics, a company that designs and produces circuit boards and software, was founded in 2012 after the long working association of its members.

Since the early months of its operation, the company has developed electronic projects in the food & beverage sector, designing and marketing circuit boards to an Italian world leader in coffee and ice cream machines manufacture. This mutually beneficial collaboration continues to this day.

The company then decided to invest in new projects and to collaborate with other startups. Resulting products include:

BeCrowdy (PR)

BeCrowdy is the new reward-based crowdfunding platform for cultural and artistic projects online from April 3, 2014. Its objective is to provide those working in culture and the arts the opportunity to raise funds for projects and events that do not have sufficient and immediate economic feasibility. The aim is to create a meeting point for artists, cultural promoters and users, becoming a reference portal for a community united by the common goal of actively supporting and participating in the culture.

BAM! Strategie Culturali (BO)

BAM! Cultural Strategies is a company specialising in innovative design and planning and communication services for private companies, non-profit organisations and public institutions who would like to implement creative projects and solutions.

Composed of professionals specialised in cultural economics and project management, with an international education background and experience in the Bologna Art Managers association, BAM! works in the creative industries, tourism and geomarketing, and in the cultural sector.

BAM! services include: