WHATaECO is an innovative female startup and the first low impact B2C e-commerce that promotes ethical and sustainable brands throughout the European Union.

The site is powered 100% with clean energy, the logistics is based on drop shipping without a warehouse, with transport halved and compensated, and rigorously plastic-free packaging. The site currently markets a range of over 3000 ethical and sustainable products from more than 170 Italian and foreign brands.

Fluence (BO)

FLUENCE S.r.l. is an innovative start-up founded in 2017 based on an idea, a project, and a fundamental aim of the partners: to drastically reduce environmental impact.

After years of research, studies, and development, Fluence have developed a high efficiency energy technology based on cavitation, now under patent application: the InFluenceR system.

Celestino s.r.l.s. (PR)

La neo impresa ha sviluppato e commercializza CELESTINO, dispositivo intelligente dotato di micro sensori che permettono il monitoraggio della quantità e della qualità di due fluidi in particolare: la risorsa idrica domestica (linea AGUA) e il carburante (linea FUEL).

Celestino permette quindi il miglioramento della qualità delle emissioni in atmosfera grazie al controllo della reale composizione del carburante immesso nel serbatoio, oltre a ridurre il consumo idrico potabile tramite controllo delle quantità consumate.

Design 24 (BO)

Design 24's main product is the Italian-design brand, 24Bottles, which combines aesthetics with sustainability and is aimed at people who are urban, dynamic and fashionable.

Made of stainless steel, the bottles are cool, lightweight and eco-friendly. They are available in half-litre and litre sizes. They are made from 18/8 stainless steel, an enormously hygienic and durable material that is easy to clean and resistant to heat.


T°RED is an innovative startup focused on projects that combine the most advanced research in technology and energy with the architectural design of new urban functional elements and home furnishings design: conception, testing, detailed design, development and marketing, in collaboration with a network of partners.

Among the projects ready for the market:

• Greenlantern - a liquid wood lamp-vase, the first object in the world made with this material;

• LaDinDon and Gulp - seats made with marine technology;

la banca della calce (BO)

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The Banca della Calce (Lime Bank) offers materials and services for sustainable architecture and architectural restoration. It is a reference supplier for private citizens, technicians, and companies that strive to use healthy ecological building materials. We offer high quality lime and certified derivative products manufactured in Italy. We are based in Bologna but operate all over the country and abroad.