Wonder (MO)

Wonder is a Type B Social Cooperative operating in the energy field and making products specifically designed for assembly by disabled individuals.

Our current flagship product is WonderBoost, an auxiliary battery or intelligent multipurpose “electric water bottle”, that can increase vehicle autonomy, in particular e-bikes.

WonderBoost is provided with a management system based on our patent submission. This Battery Management System, or BMS, guarantees maximum safety through three main features:

Zero3 srl (RA)

Zero3's services include system design, environmental consulting, production feasibility analyses, thermographs and thermographic diagnosis. They offer a product line branded 03 Stabilizer® relevant to decarbonisation, environmental sustainability, and energy transition.

Integrated Energy Hub Srl (BO)

The company was founded in 2017 from the idea of a pool of engineers with over 15 years of direct experience in the wholesale energy and environmental markets.

Its primary mission is to spread and uphold the policies of environmental sustainability though research, development, and the spread of innovative solutions (not only technological) addressing both energy consumers and operators.

Fluence (BO)

FLUENCE S.r.l. is an innovative start-up founded in 2017 based on an idea, a project, and a fundamental aim of the partners: to drastically reduce environmental impact.

After years of research, studies, and development, Fluence have developed a high efficiency energy technology based on cavitation, now under patent application: the InFluenceR system.

Explea s.r.l. (RE)

The aim of the company is the development, production, and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological content.

In particular the development, production, and marketing of highly innovative products and services with high technological content through experimental research and development in the natural sciences and engineering.

Romagna Innovazione

Rinnova, Romagna Innovazione promotes scientific research and innovation through technology transfer and applied research, designing and delivering innovative, high performance products at competitive costs.

Serengeo (BO)

SERENGEO is an innovative startup that provides consulting and design services in the field of geoengineering. Its goal is to transfer to industry the skills and knowledge gained in university research in the fields of mining engineering, environmental engineering, rock mechanics and geothermal energy.